Request to submit usage reports

Request to submit usage reports


Jan. 2018
Advanced Center for Computing and Communication
Information Systems Division
#Daitailed information will be announced on January 29, 2018.# 


As this fiscal year is coming to an end, we would like to remind you of the need to submit your  “Usage Report” (the Usage Report) and the “List of Publications Resulting from the Use of the supercomputer” (the Publications List). We are planning to compile the submitted Usage Report and the Publications List into a web page.

Affected projects:
All projects: Q17***, G17***
#Only Quick use project can request to make projects of the next fiscal year by submitting reports.
“Usage Report”, “List of Publications Resulting from the Use of the supercomputer” and reprints or reprints of publications (only those who can submit)
Submission method
Using web interface (We do not accept mail attachment)

Note: If projects fail to submit the annual report, members of the projects will not be allowed to use supercomputer of RIKEN from the next FY onward.

2.Form download

You can download the forms to submit at the fiscal year end from the following webpages. If you cannot download the forms, please make an inquiry to us at .

Form Format Download
Usage Report (H-1),
List of Publications Resulting from the Use of the supercomputer (H-2) (*)
Word Reporting_Form2017
Copies of reprints or preprints of publications (**) PDF

(* In the publications listed in the Publications List, you are required to include your laboratory at RIKEN or the statement that you used the supercomputer to conduct your research.)

(** If reprints or preprints of the publications listed in the Publications List are available, please submit them. The Lists and the reprints or preprints submitted by all users will be compiled as the “Annual Report” and will be put on a webpage or burned on digital media. The report will be distributed internally, in principle, but may be distributed to other institutions. Please do not send us copies of reprints which copyrights belong to academic societies, etc.,)

Please refer reports of past years.

3.Accepting Period

Start:     January 29
End:   5:00 PM (JST)   February 15

ACCC will not accept reports after the end of the period.

4.Submission method

Please submit the Form H-1 and H-2 (Microsoft Word) and the electronic files of the reprints (PDF, etc.) online using accc-desk Submitting System. The URL is given below, and you can access the system from in and outside RIKEN.
  • Anyone can use the submitting system if he or she know the Project -ID and e-mail address of the project representative.
  • VPN connection is not needed from outside RIKEN.
  • Submitting by e-mail is not accepted.
  • The report needs to be authorized by collaborator of RIKEN if the project representative is a visiting scientist.