File Delivery

last updated on: 2019/08/21
Starting on February 1, 2013, a virtual drive system is available on an experimental basis.

The old File Delivery Service (Web based) can still be used as before.

See the table below for differences between the old and new File Delivery Service

Old File Delivery Service New File Delivery Service
Service contents ・ Sending files
・ Receiving files
・ File sharing
・ Sending files
・ Receiving files
・ File sharing
Virtual driveNew
System capacity ・ Individual account: 2GB
・ Group account: 2GB
・ Files automatically deleted 30 days after posting
・ Individual account: 4GBNew
・ Group account: 10GBNew
・ Files can be kept on system indefinitelyNew
Method ・ Web-based ・Web-based
・ Virtual driveNew
Requirement for applications ・ Individual account: No application
・Group account: Application required
・ Individual account: No application
・Group account: Application required
The following virtual drive features are not available in English.

  • Virtual drive Web publishing (Windows)
  • Using Virtual drive to set up folder to receive files (Windows)
  • Using group virtual drive for Web publishing and setting up folder to receive files (Windows)


We have future plans to make available English version of virtual drive software (ProselfDisk)

  1. Virtual disk can be used only online.
  2. Group account will be provided is valid for 1 year. The account and files will be deleted without notice ,if no update application after expired.
Account types
Individual account For individuals with “” email address
Group account For groups of users wishing to share files
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Service Description

Benefits of the File Delivery Service are outlined below.

Send files to Colleagues : Send via Web → See the details

Receive files from Colleagues : Receive via Web → See the details

Group Account : Share files via Web → See the details

File Delivery Service Virtual Drive → See the details

By using the virtual drive system, documents sent through the File Delivery System may be edited directly using applications, in the same manner as files stored on your local disk.


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How to Apply

Not all types of accounts require an application.

Individual Account
No Application Needed 
Log in using your “” email ID and Password.
Group Account
Application Required
Please apply for a representative account using the URL indicated below.
Applicants must have a “” or “” email address.
Group account application form link:

If a higher maximum data capacity is necessary, contact the Information Systems Division.

Account types
Individual account For individual who has “” email address
Group account For a group of users wishing to share files
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System Limitations

Maximum capacity and user limitations of this service are shown below.

Type of account Maximum capacity User limitations
Personal 4GB RIKEN personnel with “” email accounts
Group 10GB Divisions/Offices/Sections, Labs, and the like

Purpose of use: RIKEN work-related use only. Private use prohibited.

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RIKEN will not be held responsible if files and data sent over this system are damaged or lost. In addition, system users will be responsible for any data or files that are leaked and for any other security-related problems when using this system.

User Support

Address questions on the File Delivery Service to:

Yokohama campus: 94-8214 045-503- 9603
Kobe campus: 95-8003 078-306-3233
Tsukuba campus: 92-3351 0298-36-9115
All other locations: 91-3812 048-467-9323
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