Web site renewal

This web site was renewed at 13:00 on September 14 2015.

The search window will work after 24 about hours.

These are old and new URLs of major information.

# Proposal of new accounts and projects
OLD http://accc.riken.jp/2435.htm
NEW http://accc.riken.jp/en/supercom/application/

# Usage report
OLD http://accc.riken.jp/2438.htm
NEW http://accc.riken.jp/en/supercom/usage-report/

# Overview of the supercomputer
OLD http://accc.riken.jp/secure/5095/systemoverviewen.pdf
NEW http://accc.riken.jp/en/wpcontent/uploads/sites/2/2015/06/secure_5095_systemoverviewen.pdf

# Usage policy
OLD http://accc.riken.jp/2859.htm
NEW http://wp-accc.riken.jp/en/supercom/application/usage-policy/

# Q&A mail template
OLD http://accc.riken.jp/4650.htm
NEW http://wp-accc.riken.jp/en/supercom/qa-template/

If you can’t find information you need please use search window after noon on September 15 or ask hpc@riken.jp.