eLearning System

Last updated on: 2014/08/26

ACCC provides an eLearning system with the following features for RIKEN personnel, staff who are working at RIKEN as subcontractors, and visitors who will only be here for a short time.

  1. ACCC’s eLearning system provides an Information Security course, which everyone who uses a computer within RIKEN is required to take before they log on to the RIKEN network.
    • Even guests who don’t have a RIKEN ID are required to take the course before using RIKEN IT devices and systems.
    • The manner in which you access the course depends on whether you have a RIKEN ID starting with a numeral. Please refer to the list at the bottom of this page and take the tutorial for the category you fall under.
    • The Information Security course is provided by ACCC.
  2. ACCC’s eLearning system provides various training courses for those who have RIKEN IDs starting with a numeral to facilitate RIKEN work.
    • RIKEN’s various divisions each provide their own courses. (e.g. Human Resources division)
    • Only RIKEN personnel with RIKEN IDs starting with a numeral can take the courses.


To take courses other than the Information Security course (Only for those who have RIKEN IDs starting with a numeral)