HOKUSAI Data Depository Service

ACCC (Advanced Center for Computing and Communication) provide Data Depository Service for large volume of data (mostly back-up data).

Using the tape library devices on HOKUSAI supercomputer system, researchers in RIKEN who do not use the supercomputer can store large volume of data in this service.

Outline of the service



  1. Capacity management will be done by each research laboratory. PI of the laboratory is responsible for the management of the data and members. 
  2. The initially allocated capacity is 4TB and the capacity will be extendable up to 52TB.
  3. Please store large files (basically over 100MB/file) because tape library devices are not suitable to handle small files. The maximum number of files is limited to 10,000 files/TB.
  4. You need to install a proprietary data transfer tool SkeedSilverBullet for data transfer. The tool supports Windows (GUI, CUI), Mac (GUI, CUI), and Linux (CUI).
  5. scp, rsync and other tools are not allowed to use.
  6. The storage system is accessible only from the inside network of RIKEN (accessible from outside RIKEN using the VPN connection).
  7. ACCC will strive to provide a stable environment for users, but will not guarantee that the system will continually operate without fault, error and data lost.

How to apply

Please read this operation procedures and fill out this form (Excel file) and submit by mail to hpc@riken.jp.

 Eligibility of this service is based on the article 3 of Supercomputer System Usage Policy.
Supercomputer System Usage Policy

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